When Was Dave Stotts Born

When Was Dave Stotts Born?

Dave Stotts, born on October 13, 1970, has established himself as a renowned historian, skilled filmmaker, and charismatic host of the popular TBN show “Drive Thru History.” With his ability to simplify complex historical narratives and captivate audiences of all ages, Stotts has become a highly influential figure. Through his distinct presentation style, often filmed on location, this seasoned traveler and masterful storyteller brings history to life. Now, Dave Stotts is 52 years old and possesses a rich collection of experiences, leaving behind a significant legacy in the field of edutainment.

Dave Stotts

Profile Overview for Dave Stotts

Name:Dave Stotts
Relationship Status:Single
Nick Name:Information not publicly available
Date of Birth:October 13, 1970
Net Worth:22.5 Million
Occupation:Historian, Filmmaker, TV Host
Social MediaFacebook, Instegram

Early Life and Education

  • Texas Roots: Growing up in Texas, Dave’s love for history blossomed early. His youthful curiosity often manifested in deep questions and a strong attraction to tales of yesteryears.
  • Academic Pursuits: After his schooling in Texas, Dave took his passion for the past to the University of Texas, majoring in History and Media Production.

Personal Life and Interests

  • Away from the Spotlight: Dave, while a public figure, cherishes his private moments. He’s known to be family-oriented and values his time with loved ones.
  • Varied Interests: Outside the realm of history and films, Dave is an enthusiast of books, nature hikes, and classic automobiles. The latter also finds a place in his popular TV series.

Career Highlights

  • Embarking on a Journey: Dave started his professional journey as an independent filmmaker. With time, he ventured into TV production, which proved to be his true niche.
  • “Drive Thru History”: This TV series (Drive Thru History) became Dave’s claim to fame. Premiered on TBN, the series seamlessly combines Dave’s love for history, storytelling, and classic cars.

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Impact and Legacy

  • Changing the Edutainment Landscape: Through his unique method of presenting history, Dave has transformed educational entertainment. He makes learning about the past an adventurous and engaging experience.
  • A Revered Figure: Dave’s contribution to the world of edutainment has earned him admiration and respect from educators, students, history enthusiasts, and the general audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dave Stotts is best known for his work on the weekly TBN documentary series “Drive Thru History.”

Dave Stotts studied History and Media Production at the University of Texas.

Dave Stotts is a private individual, and while it’s known that he’s a devoted family man, details of his family life are kept out of the public eye.

Outside of his professional life, Dave Stotts enjoys reading, hiking and loves classic cars.

Yes, “Drive Thru History” continues to air new episodes on TBN.


Dave Stotts has had a significant influence on the field of history education. His innovative style, which combines engaging storytelling with accurate historical information, has completely transformed our understanding and consumption of historical knowledge. Stotts’ magnetic personality and unwavering expertise continue to serve as a source of inspiration for historians, filmmakers, educators, and audiences across the globe.

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