When Was Megan Wise Born?

When Was Megan Wise Born?

Megan Wise’s date of birth is 1989. She was born in Zelienople, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Today, Megan stands proudly as a meteorologist and a well-known TV personality on NBC12 who has captivated audiences with her knowledge and charm.

Tune in to NBC12 every weeknight at 5, 6, 7, 10, and 11 p.m. to catch Megan Wise’s insightful and precise weather forecasts.

Megan Wise

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Quick Facts About Megan Wise

Full Name:Megan Wise
Relationship Status:Married
Nick Name:Not Known
Date of Birth:1989
Birth Place:Zelienople, Pittsburgh
Age:Around 34 years old
Height:5 feet 6 inches
Salary:$ 20,000 – $ 100,000
Net Worth:Between $1 Million to $5 Million
Occupation:Meteorologist, News Anchor (NBC12), Journalist
Citizenship:United States
Social Media:Instagram, Twitter & Tiktok


Megan Wise, an American Journalist and meteorologist, has captivated audiences with her profound understanding of the weather. Her fascinating journey began in the cosy town of Zelienople, Pittsburgh, where her dreams took shape.

Early Life:

Growing up in Zelienople, Megan’s interest in the skies began early. The thunderstorms and snowflakes weren’t mere weather conditions for her; they were stories, riddles waiting to be decoded. This passion led her to chase her dreams relentlessly.


While much about Megan’s personal life remains private, it’s clear that her family has been a strong pillar of support. Their backing surely played a part in helping Megan achieve her dreams. Andrew J. Wise stands proudly as a guiding pillar and cherished sibling in the family.


She honed her academic skills and nurtured her passions at Choctawhatchee High School, setting the foundation for her bright future. This weather reporter’s academic prowess is evident from her educational background. Megan pursued her love for the weather by studying meteorology at Millersville University in 2009, a prestigious institution renowned for its scientific rigour and expertise.


In 2023, Megan tied the knot, though the identity of her husband remains a well-guarded secret.

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Career & Achievements:

Joining NBC12 in Richmond, Virginia, in 2015, Megan showcased her journalist and news anchor talents. With her nuanced understanding of atmospheric patterns and her unique style of presenting, she quickly became a household name. As a result, her viewership grew exponentially, leading her to become a prominent public figure in meteorology.

Unsurprisingly, her dedication and hard work led Megan to win three Emmy awards. These accolades aren’t just a testament to her skills, her persistent commitment to excellence, and her ability to resonate with viewers.

Reason for Popularity:

Megan’s rise to fame isn’t just due to her professional triumphs. Her genuine enthusiasm for weather phenomena and ability to explain complex patterns in lay terms make her a favourite among viewers. Being both relatable and knowledgeable, Megan truly is a rare gem in the world of TV meteorology.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

She studied at Millersville University in 2009.

Megan has been honoured with three Emmy awards.

Yes, she is married in 2023.

She is 34 years old now.

5 ft 6 Inches


Megan Wise isn’t just a meteorologist; she’s an inspiration. Her journey speaks volumes about perseverance, passion, and excellence, from her early days in Zelienople to her Emmy-winning stints. For all those who tune into NBC12 (WWBT), Megan is more than just a news anchor; she’s a daily dose of inspiration.

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