Karen Drew

when was Karen Drew born?

Karen Drew is an American meteorologist and television personality best known for forecasting the weather on Houston television station KHOU 11 News from 1999 to 2022. Karen Drew was Born in the Early 1960s. Though Drew has had a successful decades-long career in weather broadcasting, only a little is publicly known about her life and background.

Despite being a familiar face on Houston TV for over 20 years, Karen Drew has kept a low profile and has not revealed much about her early years. Her date of birth appears to be private knowledge, but based on the length of her career, we can make some educated guesses about her age.

Karen Drew

Quick Facts About Karen Drew

Name:Karen Drew
Relationship Status:Single
Nick Name:Kare
Date of Birth:Estimated early 1960s
Age:Early 60s
Height:5′ 7″
Net Worth:$1 million
Occupation:Television career | Journalist

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Karen Drew’s early life and background have remained mysterious. She has not publicly divulged details about where she was born or raised. Based on her long tenure as a broadcaster in Houston, she was likely born and brought up in the area. She has had an interest in meteorology and broadcasting from a young age.

After studying communications and journalism in college, Karen started in television in the late 1980s. Her first on-air role was as a general assignments reporter at KLBK-TV in Lubbock, Texas. After sharpening her reporting skills in Lubbock for several years, she transitioned into weathercast when she joined KVUE-TV in Austin in the early 1990s.

Journey into Journalism

Taking the First Step

With determination and a passion for the truth, Karen started her journey in journalism. She showed promise and enthusiasm from her college days, where she actively participated in the media club, to her first internship at a local news channel.

Achievements and Recognition

Through her dedication, Karen quickly climbed the ladder, earning respect and accolades for her in-depth reporting and unmatched integrity. Her knack for asking the right questions and portraying stories with sensitivity made her a household name in journalism.

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Interesting Facts About Karen Drew

  • Early Inspirations: Karen’s interest in journalism was sparked by watching veteran reporters on TV during her childhood.
  • Mentors and Guides: Throughout her career, Karen was fortunate to be guided by some of the best in the business, honing her skills and journalistic acumen.
  • Passion Beyond Reporting: Outside of journalism, Karen is passionate about community service, often dedicating her time to charitable causes.

Retirement from KHOU 11

After 23 years on the air in Houston, Karen Drew decided to step back from her weathercast duties in 2022. She officially retired from her chief meteorologist role at KHOU in May 2022, announcing she would be moving to part-time status and occasionally reporting on community events and human interest stories instead of daily forecasts.

Karen indicated she was looking forward to a more flexible schedule and spending more time with family in retirement. Her departure marked the end of an era, as she had forecasted the weather on KHOU’s evening newscasts for over two decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Karen began her career as an intern at a local news channel, gradually working her way up to becoming a recognized journalist.

Over the years, Karen has received numerous awards for her stellar reporting and dedication to the truth.

Karen often cites veteran journalists and global events as her primary sources of inspiration.

Karen has reported on a variety of significant events, from political upheavals to humanitarian crises.

Karen is active on various social media platforms and can be reached through her official website or channel’s contact details.


Karen Drew’s journey from a budding journalist to a celebrated media figure is inspirational. As we explored her life, birth date, and accomplishments, it’s evident that dedication, passion, and a commitment to truth have been her guiding stars. She serves as a beacon for aspiring journalists and is a testament to where hard work and integrity can lead.

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