When Was Linda Beaver Born

When Was Linda Beaver Born?

Linda Beaver, age 35, is the remarkable owner of Beaver Toyota of St. Augustine, FL. Through dedication and unwavering passion, she has achieved great success in the automotive industry.

Linda Beaver was born in March 14, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida. From a young age, she demonstrated strong business acumen and a tireless work ethic. These traits paved the way for her future accomplishments.

Linda Beaver

Quick Facts About Linda

Full Name:Linda Beaver
Relationship Status:Married
Spouse Name:Mike Beaver
Nick Name:Linda
Date of Birth:March 14, 1987
Birth Place:Jacksonville, Florida
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Height:5′ 6″
Net Worth:$1.5 million
Occupation:Toyota Dealership Owner | Entrepreneur
Social Media:LinkedIn

Early Life

Beaver grew up in Jacksonville with her parents and two siblings. At age 16, she began working part-time at a local Toyota dealership. This first job sparked her interest in the automobile industry.


After graduating high school in 2005, Beaver earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Florida in 2009. Through internships and summer jobs, she gained valuable experience in auto sales and financing.


Linda Beaver comes from a close-knit family. She has one older brother and one younger sister. Beaver met her husband Mike while attending the University of North Florida. They married in 2011 and now have four young children together. Mike is very supportive of Linda’s demanding work schedule as a dealership owner.

Launching a Successful Career

Shortly after graduating college, Beaver was hired as a full-time sales associate at Wolfson Toyota in Jacksonville. Her outgoing personality, product knowledge, and focus on customer service led her to excel in this position.

Beaver was promoted to Finance Manager at just 25 years old. She streamlined the dealership’s financing process and increased customer satisfaction scores. Her talents caught the eye of the general manager.

In 2012, at only 25 years old, Beaver was promoted to General Manager of Wolfson Toyota. She helped grow the dealership’s sales and oversaw major expansions. Under her leadership, Wolfson Toyota received the Toyota President’s Award for excellence in 2013 and 2014.

Owning Beaver Toyota of St. Augustine

By 2016, Beaver felt ready to fulfill her dream of business ownership. At just 29 years old, she opened Beaver Toyota of St. Augustine, FL.

As owner, Beaver applied her wealth of Toyota expertise to establish a customer-focused dealership. Her hands-on approach and magnetic personality fostered a positive work culture. The dealership saw immediate success under her leadership.

Beaver Toyota has now operated successfully for over 5 years. The dealership has received Toyota’s President’s Award for customer satisfaction every year. Beaver credits her team’s commitment to putting people first.

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Passion for Community

In addition to growing her dealership, Beaver dedicates time to giving back to the St. Augustine community. She sponsors local charities and youth sports teams.

Beaver also participates in Toyota’s Women in Leadership conferences, mentoring young women pursuing auto industry careers. She aims to inspire more female entrepreneurship and leadership.

Keys to Success

Beaver attributes her success to following keys:

  • Strong work ethic: She maintains a hands-on approach as owner and sets an example of hard work for her team.
  • Business education: Her marketing and finance expertise gives her an edge in the industry.
  • Customer commitment: Beaver’s priority is enhancing the car-buying experience through excellent service.
  • Taking initiative: She demonstrates determination by taking risks like opening her dealership at a young age.
  • Leading by example: Beaver creates a positive team culture by modeling good values herself.
  • Giving back: Her charitable work fulfills Beaver while also improving goodwill towards her business.

Looking to the Future

Now just 35, Beaver has many more goals ahead. She aims to continue growing Beaver Toyota’s sales and community impact.

Beaver also has aspirations to open more dealerships under the Beaver brand name. She hopes to inspire other young entrepreneurs in the auto industry.

With her relentless drive and proven business savvy, Linda Beaver is poised for continued success as she expands her dealership empire. Her journey highlights the rewards of entrepreneurship through passion and hard work. Linda Beaver exemplifies the spirit of a rising young business leader.

Reason of Popularity

Linda Beaver’s unique success story of reaching dealership ownership by age 29, her consistent achievement of Toyota’s top President’s Award, active support of local community causes, mentorship of young women in automotive careers, and visible media presence as a young, female entrepreneur have collectively contributed to her widespread popularity.

Her admirable pursuit of business excellence, impactful community service, advancement of women in her industry, and compelling personal narrative have made Beaver an inspirational figure who garners attention and acclaim.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Beaver earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Florida in 2009.

She began working part-time at a Toyota dealership at age 16. This sparked her long-term interest.

Yes, Linda is married with Mike Beaver.

Linda H is 35 years old.

Junior H is 5′ 6″ tall.


Linda Beaver has become a standout success story in the competitive automotive industry. Her passion and diligent work ethic enabled her to achieve the dream of dealership ownership by age 29. Under Linda’s leadership, Beaver Toyota of St. Augustine has thrived through a focus on customer satisfaction. Her commitment to giving back and mentoring others demonstrate admirable character as well. At just 35, Linda Beaver is already an inspirational figure for young entrepreneurs. Her example proves the rewards of following one’s passions to build a meaningful legacy in business and community leadership.

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