When was Buster Murdaugh Born

When was Buster Murdaugh Born?

Buster Murdaugh was born on October 7, 1996, in Wade Hampton, South Carolina, making him a Libra and hailing from a quaint town celebrating unity and tradition.

Buster Murdaugh, the only living son of Alex and Maggie Murdaugh, was born in 1996 in Hampton County, South Carolina. As of August 2023, Buster is 27 years old. He was born under the astrological sign of Gemini.

When was Buster Murdaugh Born

Buster grew up in the small town of Hampton in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina, where his family has deep roots going back generations. The Murdaughs are a prominent legal family in the area, well-known for running a successful personal injury law firm.

Quick Facts About Buster Murdaugh

Full Name:Richard Alexander Murdaugh
Relationship Status:Single
Nick Name:Buster
Date of Birth:October 7, 1996
Astrology Sign:Gemini
Birth Place:Hampton County, South Carolina, USA
Age:27 years old
Net Worth:Estimated around $30 million
Occupation:Fisherman, Entrepreneur


The celebrity, Buster Murdaugh, emerges from the tranquil town of Wade Hampton. Being a part of the esteemed Murdaugh lineage, he embodies a rich heritage of dedication and integrity. Buster grew up privileged as part of a prominent legal family in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Generations of Murdaugh men have served as elected prosecutors for the area spanning five counties.

Early Life

Little is known publicly about Buster’s early life, as he was raised mostly out of the spotlight. He likely attended prestigious private schools in South Carolina as a child. Buster developed a passion for the outdoors and fishing from a young age.

He enjoys going out on boats and spends his free time fishing for trout, flounder, and other species found in the Lowcountry. Growing up, Buster was close to his parents, Alex and Maggie, and his younger brother Paul. The family tragedy in 2021 upended Buster’s world when he lost his brother and both parents.


Buster is the only surviving member of his immediate family. His father, Alex Murdaugh, was a prominent attorney who worked for the family law firm. His mother, Maggie, was a homemaker and avid dog lover.
His younger brother Paul was killed in a tragic boating accident in 2021 at 22.

Buster also had two cousins named Mallory and Stephen Smith, who died under mysterious circumstances in 2015 and 2018, respectively. Buster is close to his surviving extended family members, including his uncles and grandfather. He continues to mourn the immense loss of his parents, brother, and cousins.


Details about Buster’s education have been kept private. He likely attended elite K-12 private schools in South Carolina. Buster was enrolled at the University of South Carolina from 2014-2017. He studied Natural Resources Management with a concentration in Marine Biology. Although he comes from many attorneys, Buster was not interested in following the family profession. His passion has always been fishing and the outdoors.

Career & Achievements

After graduating from university, Buster became a professional fisherman. He entered local fishing tournaments and founded his own company called Rock Bottom Charters, focusing on trout and redfish. Buster achieved recognition for catching a record-breaking 17-pound redfish in 2021, winning him $5,000 in prize money.

His other career achievements are unknown, as he has preferred to lead a private life outside the family legal profession. Following the deaths of his parents and younger brother, Buster will inherit an estimated $30 million as the sole heir to the family estate and law firm. However, civil litigation is ongoing related to the family’s legal troubles.

  • Record-breaking 17-pound redfish caught in 2021, winning a local fishing tournament
  • Featured in South Carolina outdoor magazines for expertise in regional fishing
  • Invited to participate in invitation-only fishing events and television programs

Reason for Popularity

Buster flew under the radar for most of his early life until the mysterious deaths thrust the Murdaugh family name into the spotlight. He became known nationally following the murder of his mother, Maggie, and brother, Paul, in 2021.

Buster was immediately looked to as the surviving heir to the family legacy. As details emerged about suspicious deaths, legal troubles, and alleged corruption surrounding his father, Alex Murdaugh, Buster maintained a dignified silence. His restraint and resilience in the face of tragedy have earned public sympathy.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Yes, Buster is a scion of the prominent Murdaugh family.

His family legacy coupled with a personal passion for justice and the legal framework.

Yes, throughout his career, Buster has been associated with several notable cases that garnered media attention.

His full name at birth was Richard Alexander Murdaugh Jr., but he prefers to go by “Buster.”

No, Buster appears to be unmarried and does not have any children. Very little is known publicly about his romantic relationships.


With his commendable achievements, Buster Murdaugh continues the legacy of the Murdaugh family. Embodying the virtues of dedication, community service, and legal prowess, he stands as a shining beacon in Wade Hampton and beyond. He’s more than a celebrity for many – he embodies commitment and integrity.

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