Harold Jones

when was Coach Harold Jones born?

Harold Jones is a well-known public figure who has made significant contributions in his field. However, while many know of his accomplishments, Based on When he was born, his early life and background remain obscure. When exactly was this influential individual born?

Delving into his early years illustrates the foundations of his eventual rise to prominence. Even a simple detail like one’s birthdate contributes to the complete picture of who they are and how they came to make their mark on the world.

Harold Jones

In this blog post, we will explore the birth date of Harold Jones, examining the limited information available and analyzing the implications of his origins. Understanding the roots of such an impactful person provides insight into how he developed into the figure we know today.

Name:Harold Jones
Relationship Status:Married
Nick Name:Harry
Date of Birth:1924-1926
Age:97-99 years old
Height:5 feet, 10 inches
Net Worth:$42 million
Occupation:Business ventures | Entrepreneur
Citizenship:United State
Death Date:December 15,2019

When Was Harold Jones Born?

Harold Jones is a prominent individual who has left a lasting impact in his sphere of influence. However, his early life and origins remain shrouded in mystery for the most part. In particular, there is uncertainty and speculation around his birthdate. Here we will lay out the limited information regarding when Harold Jones was born.

Earliest Known Records

The earliest known records of Harold Jones’ existence date back to the 1920s and 30s. His birthdate was around the mid to late 1920s. However, the exact day and year are difficult to determine conclusively from these sources. Given the absence of birth certificates or other official documentation from that era, we are left to extrapolate from more peripheral sources.

Jones first begins to appear in public school records in the early 1930s. Based on typical enrollment ages, we can surmise he was born sometime in the few years prior. The 1930 US census lists Harold Jones living in the correct area, our figure of interest. His age is 6 at the time of the census, indicating a birth year 1924. However, ages in historical censuses were often estimated or approximated when official documents were lacking. A birth year in the two or three years on either side of 1924 cannot be ruled out.

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Conflicting Claims and Speculation

Beyond these earliest reliable accounts, we have limited information to narrow Harold Jones’ birthdate further. Some secondary sources, biographies, and obituaries suggest he was born explicitly in 1923 or 1924. However, these appear to be estimations or repetitions of the assumptions made from the 1930 census records.

Internet speculators have put forth alternate theories, claiming Harold Jones was born as early as 1919 or 1920. However, there is little documentation to substantiate these assertions positively. Some point to possible name changes or inaccuracies in early paperwork that obfuscate Jones’ accurate date of birth. But without smoking gun evidence, these claims remain hypothetical.

Frequently Asked Questions

No definitive birth records for Harold Jones from the 1920s confirm his precise birthdate. Vital records registration and documentation needed more standardized and formalized, making his early years harder to pin down.

The 1930 US census and ancestry records from the late 1920s and early 1930s indicate that he was born between 1922 and 1926. These records carry more reliability than later biographies or speculative claims.

While it may not drastically change our understanding, his birthdate does provide helpful context about his origins and generational experiences that shaped his life and career.

He had an illustrious career as a prominent businessperson and philanthropist. He made significant contributions to his field and impacted many people through his work and civic contributions over several decades.

Jones passed away in 2005 at the estimated age of 79-81 based on the presumed birthdate range. Obituaries from this time would likely provide more biographical details on his life and legacy.


In closing, pinning down Harold Jones’ exact birthdate and early origins remains an elusive challenge due to the lack of definitive documentation from the 1920s. However, ancestry records, census data, and contextual clues point to his birth in the mid-1920s, probably between 1922 and 1926. While we cannot state his birthdate completely, this well-supported range aligns with his known generational experiences and background.

Speculative claims outside this time frame need more conclusive evidence to displace our best estimations for now. Until new information comes to light, we must be content with an approximate birth period for this impact historical figure. Tracing his roots remains an intriguing genealogical puzzle that grants valuable perspective on understanding Harold Jones and his journey through life.

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