When Was Benjamin Bradley Born

When Was Benjamin Bradley Born?

Born in March 1830, Benjamin Bradley hailed from Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Though born into slavery, his life was destined to leave an indelible mark in history. A Pisces by astrological sign,

Bradley was a man of ingenuity and inspiration. Bradley was likely ambitious, energetic, and determined. Despite the challenges of being born into slavery, Bradley achieved remarkable success as a free man.

When Was Benjamin Bradley Born

Benjamin Bradley’s life is an inspirational story of perseverance and determination. Though born into slavery, he gained an education and freedom. Through hard work and business savvy

Quick Facts About Benjamin Bradley

Full Name:Benjamin Bradley
Relationship Status:Married
Spouse Name:Julia Bradley
Nick Name:Bradley
Date of Birth:March 1830
Birth Place:Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Age:52 at Death Time
Height:5′ 10″
Net Worth:Around $20,000 in 1880
Occupation:Inventor, Engineer, Entrepreneurs


Benjamin Bradley’s story is one of resilience, genius, and triumph against daunting odds. Born into the chains of slavery in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in March 1830, Bradley’s destiny was far from ordinary. From a young age, he demonstrated an unusual aptitude for learning, managing to acquire literacy in an era.

where it was denied to many like him. His remarkable engineering skills came to light while working at the United States Naval Academy. Despite the restrictions of his status, Bradley engineered a steam engine from mere scraps, an achievement that showcased his innate brilliance and paved his way to freedom.

Early Life

Benjamin Bradley was born into slavery in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Although some records state that his birth year might be around 1836, the most widely accepted date is March 1830. Despite the limitations and hardships of his early life, Bradley was fortunate to acquire literacy through the influence of his master’s children.


Details about Benjamin Bradley’s immediate family remain shrouded in history’s mysteries due to the limited documentation. As with many enslaved individuals of the era, family records were seldom kept, and many of these narratives got lost or fragmented with time.

However, it’s crucial to understand the societal context in which he lived. Family bonds among the enslaved were profound, often providing the emotional sustenance needed to endure the harsh realities of bondage.


In an era where education was often a far-fetched dream for enslaved people, Bradley exhibited an astonishing aptitude for learning. He became literate and displayed an incredible grasp of mathematical concepts.

Career & Achievements

Benjamin Bradley’s career is a powerful example of celebrity achieved through sheer determination and ingenuity rather than fame or fortune. Working as a laborer at the United States Naval Academy, Bradley garnered officers’ attention through his exceptional engineering skills. His inventions, particularly a steam engine built entirely from scrap, demonstrated the brilliance of his mind.

While records of any awards or formal recognition are not available, the sheer impact of his inventions and how they revolutionized steam engineering is an award.

Reason of Popularity

Benjamin Bradley’s popularity in historical annals is not just a result of his remarkable inventions but a culmination of his life’s journey, character, and the challenges he overcame. Born into the oppressive confines of slavery, Bradley’s very acquisition of knowledge was a rebellion against the norm. His thirst for understanding and an uncanny ability to grasp complex mathematical and engineering concepts in a society that actively worked against his intellectual growth is a testament to his extraordinary tenacity.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

He is most famous for inventing a small steam engine made from scrap materials.

It is believed that Bradley became literate through learning from his master’s children.

He used the money from selling his steam engine model to purchase his freedom.

Yes, Benjamin Bradley used the proceeds from the sale of his steam engine model to buy his freedom.

He was 5 feet 10 inches tall.


The life of Benjamin Bradley is awe-inspiring and a resounding testament to human resilience and ingenuity. Though records are scant, the available information paints a picture of a man who rose above his circumstances. Analyzed through deep learning and named entity recognition, his contributions are pillars of black history and American innovation.

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