Lee Lakosky

When Was Lee Lakosky Born?

Lee Lakosky, one of the most well-known archery hunters and television personalities, was born in Twin Cities, Minnesota, on August 12, 1963. This makes Lakosky 59 years old as of 2022. Known for co-hosting hunting shows like “Crush with Lee & Tiffany” and “The Hunting Beast”.

Lakosky has inspired countless hunters with his skills and passion for archery and the outdoors. In this post, we’ll look deeper at Lee Lakosky’s background and journey to becoming a bowhunting legend.

Lee Lakosky

Quick Facts About Lee Lakosky

Name:Lee Lakosky
Relationship Status:Married
Nick Name:Lee
Date of Birth:August 12, 1963
Height:5 Feet 9 Inches
Net Worth:$1.5 million
Occupation:Television shows, product sponsorships, Artist
Citizenship:United State

Early Life and Introduction to Archery

Lee Lakosky was born and raised in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. From a young age, he enjoyed outdoor activities like fishing and hunting with his father. Lee became interested in archery around age 12 after getting his first bow, a 45-pound recurve, from his dad.

After high school, Lakosky further honed his archery skills by competing in local and regional tournaments. He set several state records and earned a place on the Midwest Archery Team. During this time, Lee also met his future wife and hunting partner, Tiffany, who shared his passion for archery

Hunting Career and Television

In the 1990s, Lakosky started gaining recognition in the hunting community by taking significant whitetail deer year after year with his bow. His consistent success and ability to take trophy bucks in the challenging late season solidified his reputation as an expert archery hunter.

Lee began sharing tips through instructional videos, magazine articles, and seminars nationwide. In 2003, he was approached by the outdoor television network Heartland to do a hunting program. This led to the creation of “Crush with Lee & Tiffany” in 2005, which featured Lee and his wife, Tiffany, hunting whitetails in the Midwest and around North America.

The show was an instant hit among hunters and ran for 13 seasons. Its popularity led to the Lakoskys starting their own production company, Crush Productions, and launching other hunting shows like “The Hunting Beast” and “Lakosky’s Lessons.” Lee also made guest appearances on shows like “Arrow Affliction” and “Whitetail Freaks.”

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Signature Bows and Other Ventures

With his TV fame, Lee Lakosky started designing his signature hunting bows with various manufacturers. He had signature bows with Parker, Bowtech, and Elite Archery that were popular among serious bowhunters.A devoted Christian, Lakosky also launched a ministry called “Hitting the Mark Ministries”, that held archery events for youth groups and churches to spread his faith.

He wrote an autobiography 2009 titled “Becoming the Hunted,” detailing his hunting principles and philosophies. More recently, Lee has focused on social media and YouTube to connect with fans and share hunting advice. He also runs an online store selling branded apparel and merchandise. He has stayed based in Iowa with his wife Tiffany and family throughout his career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lee Lakosky was born in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota on August 12, 1963. He grew up in the Minneapolis/St—Paul region, where he started bowhunting at a young age.

Lee’s father introduced him to hunting and archery around age 12, gifting Lee his first recurve bow. As a teenager, he started honing his skills by competing in local and regional archery tournaments before focusing on bowhunting.

Lee Lakosky’s first hunting show was called “Crush with Lee & Tiffany, ” which premiered in 2005 on Heartland. The show featured Lee and his wife Tiffany bowhunting for whitetails across the Midwest and North America.

Lee Lakosky’s biggest buck is debatable, but his largest on record was a giant 226 2/8″ non-typical velvet whitetail he arrowed in Saskatchewan in 2000. This buck ranks as the #3 non-typical velvet whitetail ever taken by bow.

Lee Lakosky lives on a farm in eastern Iowa with his wife, Tiffany. They live and hunt on the same farmland. Lee started bowhunting as a kid outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota.


Over nearly four decades, Lee Lakosky has become one of the top archery deer hunters ever. His skills with a bow, influential shows and videos, signature hunting products, and sage advice have helped shape the modern era of bowhunting.

While technology has advanced hunting, Lee stays true to his humble midwestern roots and commitment to family. His story and success inspire bowhunters everywhere to hone their skills and achieve their hunting dreams. Regarding archery and giant whitetails, few can match the expertise and accomplishments of Lee Lakosky.

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