When Was Joe Biden Born

When Was Joe Biden Born?

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942. He stands as the 46th president of the United States, and while many are familiar with his recent political exploits, there is much to discover about the personal side of Biden. This article unveils his birth date and several surprising facts about his life. Dive deep into understanding man beyond the political realm.

Joe Biden

Quick Fact About Joe Biden

Name:Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.
Relationship Status:Married
Nick Name:Joe
Date of Birth:November 20, 1942
Net Worth:$9 million

Early Life and Family

Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania to Catherine Eugenia “Jean” Biden (née Finnegan) and Joseph Robinette Biden Sr. His family later moved to Claymont, Delaware when he was 10 years old.

Biden comes from a working-class Irish Catholic family. His father worked as a used car salesman, while his mother was a homemaker. Biden has one sister, Valerie and two brothers, Francis and James.

Biden met his first wife Neilia Hunter while on spring break in the Bahamas in 1964. They married in 1966 and had three children together – Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III, Robert Hunter Biden, and Naomi Christina Biden. Tragically, Neilia and Naomi passed away in a car accident in 1972.

Education and Early Career

Biden studied at the University of Delaware, majoring in history and political science. He graduated in 1965 with a double major. He then went to law school at Syracuse University, earning his Juris Doctor degree in 1968.

After law school, Biden was admitted to the Delaware bar in 1969. He began practicing at a law firm in Wilmington. In 1970, he was elected to the New Castle county council in Delaware. Just two years later in 1972, he launched his political career by running for the U.S. Senate.

5 Surprising Facts About Joe Biden

  • He Was The Youngest Senator: Elected at age 29, Biden became one of the youngest individuals ever to serve in the U.S. Senate.
  • Passion for Cars: Biden has a noted passion for cars, especially his beloved 1967 Corvette.
  • Encounters with Grief: Biden faced immense personal grief, losing his first wife and daughter in a car accident and later, his son Beau to brain cancer.
  • Amtrak Enthusiast: He’s known for taking more than 8,000 round trips on Amtrak between Wilmington, Delaware, and Washington, D.C.
  • Not a Drink Aficionado: Despite the societal pressures, Biden abstains from alcohol, primarily because of the history of alcoholism in his family.

Decades in the Senate

Biden served a total of 36 years in the U.S. Senate representing Delaware from 1973 to 2009. Through his many years of service, Biden sat on various powerful committees including Foreign Relations and Judiciary.

He chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee multiple times and became a leading Democratic voice on foreign policy. Biden voted for the Iraq War Resolution in 2002, but later became critical of the war.

On domestic issues, Biden focused on criminal justice reform, spearheading the 1994 Biden Crime Law which included provisions for drug courts, increased funding for police and prisons, and the Violence Against Women Act. However, parts of the law have received criticism in recent years for contributing to mass incarceration. 

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Vice Presidency under Obama

In 2008, Biden made his own bid for the Democratic presidential nomination but dropped out after a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses. He was selected by Barack Obama to be his running mate, bringing experience in foreign policy and Washington.

As Vice President from 2009 to 2017, Biden took on major initiatives including overseeing infrastructure spending to counter the Great Recession and leading diplomatic missions to coordinate the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Biden also became known for his folksy charm and humor. He and Obama reportedly had a close working relationship, with Biden playing an influential role behind the scenes.

Running for President in 2020

Buoyed by his experience as Vice President, Biden launched his third campaign for President in April 2019 after months of speculation.

During the Democratic primaries, Biden positioned himself as the most electable moderate candidate who could appeal to working class voters. After a rocky start in the early contests, he rebounded to win South Carolina.

Biden went on to become the presumptive Democratic nominee, running on a platform of unifying the country, restoring normalcy, and rebuilding the middle class. He selected Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.

In November 2020, Biden defeated incumbent Republican President Donald Trump in the general election. At 78 years old, he became the oldest president to ever take office.

Biden’s Presidency in 2023

In 2023, Joe Biden is continuing his presidency at the age of 80. He is pursuing initiatives on the economy, climate change, healthcare and more.

Some key aspects of Biden’s presidency so far in 2023 include:

  • Focusing on economic recovery after COVID-19, promoting jobs growth and working to control high inflation. The unemployment rate has fallen under Biden.
  • Signing the landmark Inflation Reduction Act which includes investments in clean energy and lowering prescription drug costs. This represents a major legislative win for Biden.
  • Dealing with challenges on the world stage such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Biden has rallied NATO allies to support Ukraine and imposed tough sanctions on Russia.
  • Facing low approval ratings around 40%, weighed down by high inflation and the persisting pandemic. Biden hopes to turn this around before the 2024 election.
  • Confirming the first Black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson. This fulfills Biden’s campaign promise.
  • Announcing his intention to run for re-election in 2024. If successful, he would be the oldest president to ever be re-elected.

So in his second year as president at age 80, Biden continues to pursue an ambitious agenda while facing economic, political and global challenges going into the next election cycle.

Joe Biden’s wife is Jill Biden, an educator and the First Lady of the United States.

No, Biden did not serve in the military.

Joe Biden represented the state of Delaware in the U.S. Senate.

Some of Biden’s key policies include addressing climate change, expanding healthcare, and improving infrastructure.

Joe Biden’s parents were Joseph Robinette Biden Sr. and Catherine Eugenia “Jean” Finnegan.


Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has led an extraordinary life and career in public service spanning over 50 years, from his election to the Senate at age 29 to becoming President at age 78. Born in Pennsylvania in 1942 and overcoming family tragedy as a young father, Biden devoted himself to representing the people of Delaware in the Senate for over three decades. His deep foreign policy knowledge and role as Vice President prepared him for the challenges of the presidency at a historic time for the nation. Biden continues to be driven by his commitment to expanding opportunity for all Americans.

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