When Was Pat Sloan Born

When Was Pat Sloan Born?

Pat Sloan was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 2, 1956. An Aries by astrological sign, Sloan was born and raised in the Midwest before becoming one of America’s most renowned quilting artists and designers.

Throughout her decades, Sloan has published over 50 books, hosted a weekly radio show, taught classes to thousands of students, and inspired generations of quilters with her creativity, passion, and warmth.

Pat Sloan

Quilting is an art form that intertwines creativity and craftsmanship. For decades, enthusiasts have used fabric and thread to design ornate blankets, wall hangings, and more.

Quick Facts About Pat Sloan

Full Name:Patricia Ann Sloan
Relationship Status:Married
Spouse Name:David Sloan
Nick Name:Pat Sloan
Date of Birth:April 2, 1956
Birth Place:Cleveland, Ohio
Age:66 years old
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Height:5 ‘3″
Net Worth:$1.5 million
Occupation:Quilter, Artist, Author, Teacher, Radio Host
Social Media:Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube

Biography and Early Life

Patricia Ann Sloan was born to parents Elmer and Patricia Sloan on April 2, 1956, in Cleveland, Ohio. From a young age, Sloan enjoyed arts and crafts, showing an early interest in sewing and textiles. Her mother and grandmother, both avid quilters, cultivated Sloan’s passion, teaching her hand-picking and quilting techniques as a child.

Sloan grew up in Northeast Ohio with one younger brother, surrounded by a close-knit extended family. As a student, she excelled in math, science, and creative pursuits.

Family Life

Sloan and her husband, David, have been married for over 30 years. They have four children: Chris, Matt, Michelle, and Mariah. While raising her family, Sloan often designed and sewed clothing for her kids. She also crafted quilts as gifts and family keepsakes. Her passion for quilting continued to grow alongside her family.

In the early 1990s, Sloan left her computer programming career to pursue quilting and raising her children full-time. It allowed her more time for designing quilts and teaching local quilting classes. Sloan went on to earn her teaching certification from the National Quilting Association in 1995.

Her family has always remained central to Sloan’s quilting career. She often incorporates family memories and keepsakes into her quilt designs. Sloan also enjoys quilting retreats with her daughter Mariah, who shares her mom’s creative talents.

Education and Early Career

Sloan earned a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Mathematics from Kent State University in 1978. Upon graduating, she was hired as a computer programmer by a manufacturing firm in Cleveland, Ohio.

For over a decade, Sloan built a successful career in the technology field while quilting remained her cherished hobby. She created quilt patterns and taught quilting classes locally for enjoyment and supplemental income.

By the early 1990s, quilting had become Sloan’s driving passion. In 1993, she leaped to become a full-time quilting artist and teacher. That year, Sloan started her own pattern business, selling original quilt designs to national magazines and shops.

She also earned her teaching certification from NQA to bolster her credentials as a quilting instructor. Sloan spent the next several years teaching locally, self-publishing patterns, and breaking into the national quilting scene.

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Quilting Career and Achievements

Sloan’s quilting career took off in the late 1990s when she was asked to write her first book. Published in 1999, Family Keepsakes featured original heirloom quilt designs. Since then, Sloan has published over 50 books on quilting.

In 2005, Sloan launched Pat Sloan’s American Quilter’s Radio Show, which airs weekly on SiriusXM satellite radio. The show features interviews, tips, and lively discussions appealing to all levels of quilters. Sloan has hosted over 650 episodes to date.

Sloan is known for her cheerful, down-to-earth approach that encourages quilters to express their creativity without fear of failure. She stresses the joys of quilting rather than perfection. This positive philosophy has drawn audiences to her books, radio shows, and classes.

In 2010, Sloan branched into craft blogging with her popular site PatSloan.typepad.com. She shares free patterns, tutorials, news, and inspiration with over 100,000 followers. Sloan also connects with fans through her YouTube channel and active social media presence.

Sloan continues to teach quilting workshops across the U.S. and around the world. She has been featured on QNNtv and Quilting Arts TV, and her work has been displayed at top quilting shows internationally. Over her decades-long career, Sloan has inspired generations of quilters with her fresh designs and uplifting spirit.

Several key factors contributed to Sloan’s widespread popularity and influence within the quilting world:

  • Prolific portfolio: Sloan is one of the most prolific designers in quilting, having published over 50 instructional books, hundreds of patterns, and countless tutorials. Her expansive body of work appeals to quilters of all skill levels.
  • Engaging teaching style: Sloan is celebrated for her warm, engaging teaching style that makes quilting fun and unintimidating. Her classes and video tutorials have taught thousands globally.
  • Personable media presence: From her long-running radio show to blogs and social media, Sloan connects with audiences through her upbeat personality and passion for quilting.
  • Encouraging philosophy: Sloan emphasizes creativity, self-expression, and enjoyment over perfection. Her message resonates with quilters who want to create without pressure.
  • Innovative designs: Sloan is known for her fresh twists on classic patterns combined with bold use of fabrics and colors. Her designs inspire quilters to think outside the box.
  • Industry influence: Sloan has been instrumental in growing quilt show attendance and national quilting association memberships. She uses her voice to advance quilting arts.

Sloan’s far-reaching impact and constant encouragement for quilters have earned her a position as a top name and tastemaker within quilting.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sloan’s first published quilt book was Family Keepsakes, released in 1999 by Oxmoor House. It features heirloom quilts designed to preserve family memories.

Pat Sloan’s American Quilter’s Radio Show airs on SiriusXM satellite radio on Wednesdays. The show is also available on demand as a podcast through Sloan’s website or on apps like Apple Podcasts.

Pat Sloan is 66 years old, born in 1956.

She is 5 feet 3 inches.

Pat Sloan has 4 children – Chris, Matt, Michelle, and Mariah.


Over her prolific career spanning five decades and counting, Pat Sloan has made an indelible impact on quilting across America and around the globe. Born in 1956, Sloan tapped into her passion for sewing and textiles from a young age, nurtured by her quilting mother and grandmother.

After graduating college with a technology degree, Sloan worked as a computer programmer while quilting. By the 1990s, quilting had become her full-time pursuit and true calling. Since then, she has published dozens of books, hosted a beloved radio show, designed fabrics, taught thousands of students, and shared her infectious creative spirit with quilters worldwide.

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