When was Mary Jo Copeland born

When was Mary Jo Copeland born?

Mary Jo Copeland was born on October 23, 1942. She was born in Rochester, Minnesota. She married Dick Copeland in April 1961. Her life was dedicated to providing assistance, hope, and care to those who were struggling to make ends meet.

A biography of Mary Jo Copeland can give readers an insight into her life’s work and the impact that she had on the community.

When was Mary Jo Copeland born

This article will delve deeper into the life of Mary Jo Copeland, examining her achievements, struggles, and personal convictions that drove her to make a difference in the world.

Quick Facts About Mary Jo

Full Name:Mary Jo Copeland
Relationship Status:Married
Nick Name:Mary
Date of Birth:October 23, 1942
Birth Place:Rochester, Minnesota
Age:81 years
Height:5 Feet 8 Inches
Spouse Name:Dick Copeland
Net Worth:$10 Million
Occupation:Philanthropist | Global Star
Citizenship:United States


A shining celebrity in philanthropy, Mary Jo Copeland is a testament to the power of sharing and caring hands. More than just a public figure, her life reflects a heart dedicated to change, service, and upliftment.

Early Life

Growing up in Rochester, Mary Jo’s life wasn’t without challenges. During these formative years she developed resilience and a spirit of giving. Experiencing the struggles of her community fueled her determination to make a difference.


Married to Dick Copeland in 1961, her family life has been a cornerstone of her journey. Together, they’ve exemplified the idea of partnership in both personal life and service.


Mary Jo’s educational background primarily revolves around community service and social studies. She believed that the best education came from life experiences and dedicated her time to understanding the needs of those around her.

Career & Achievements

Beginning her journey with her iconic non-profit organization, Mary Jo has transformed countless lives by addressing homelessness and providing essentials to those in need. With unyielding community support, her initiatives grew exponentially, making her a pillar of social activism.

Over the years, numerous institutions have recognised Mary Jo for her relentless efforts. Her achievements are milestones and echoes of her dedication to serving the community.

Reason of Popularity

Her skyrocketing popularity isn’t her status as a public figure but her undeniable passion for service. Through Sharing and Caring Hands, she’s changed perceptions of charity and highlighted the true essence of community support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mary Jo is renowned for her work with Sharing and Caring Hands, a non-profit organization addressing homelessness and providing essentials to those in need.

She was deeply influenced by the struggles she witnessed in her community, prompting her to take actionable steps and create a lasting impact.

Yes, Mary Jo is Married to Dick Copeland

She is 81 years old now.

The height of Mary Jo is 5 Feet 8 Inches


Mary Jo Copeland’s journey is a brilliant tapestry of dedication, love, and tireless service. As an icon in philanthropy, she continues to inspire generations to look beyond oneself and reach out with hands that care and share.

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