When Was George Jetson Born

When Was George Jetson Born?

George Jetson was born on July 31, 2022. George Jetson is one of the most iconic cartoon characters from the popular 1960s animated sitcom The Jetsons.

Though a fictional character, Jetson has become a pop culture symbol of the futuristic family and embodies the Space Age dreams of his period. This article will explore when this beloved character was born according to his show’s timeline.

George Jetson

Quick Facts About George Jetson

Name:George J. Jetson
Relationship Status:Married
Nick Name:Information not publicly available
Date of Birth:July 31, 2022
Height:Information not publicly available
Net Worth:Information not publicly available
Occupation:Digital index operator | Global Star
Citizenship:Orbit City
Alive:Fictional character

George was born to:

  • Father: George J. Jetson Sr. – Born in 1994, he was 28 when George was born. He worked as a digital index operator at Spacely Space Sprockets.
  • Mother: Jane Jetson (née Porter) – Born in 1988, she was 34 upon George’s birth. She was a homemaker caring for their Skypad Apartment.

George had one sibling:

  • Judy Jetson: His younger sister, born in 2042

And George would go on to start his own family with:

  • Jane Jetson: Born in 2042, she married George and became a stay-at-home mother.
  • Daughter Judy Jetson: Born in 2062.
  • Son Elroy Jetson: Born in 2065.

When Was the Year 2022 for George Jetson?

The Jetson’s original cartoon run was from 1962-1963, meant to portray a typical family 100 years into the future in the space age. It puts the Jetsons’ storyline as occurring in 2062, with George’s birthdate of 2022.

For George Jetson, the year 2022 has marked the halfway point between the 1960s and his futuristic 2060s world. It was an era likely filled with exciting technological advances, yet still distant from the flying cars and robot maids of his time.

Major Events Leading Up to George’s Birth

In the decades before George Jetson’s birth, there were.

  • Moon Landing: In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon, jumpstarting the space age.
  • Personal Computers: The 1970s saw the invention of the earliest private home computers like the Commodore PET.
  • Internet: By the 1980s and 90s, early forms of the internet emerged, though nothing like George’s 3D holographic version.
  • Cell Phones: The first commercial cell phones appeared in 1983, presaging George’s futuristic video phone.
  • Space Shuttle: NASA’s Space Shuttle program ran successful missions between 1981 to 2011, ferrying astronauts to orbiting space stations.

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The Influence of Iwao Takamoto

Iwao Takamoto created the original character designs for The Jetsons in 1962. He was born on July 31, 1925, 100 years before George Jetson’s birthday.

It is very likely that Takamoto intentionally chose the exact birthdate for George as a nod to the centennial celebration of his own 1925 birth. George Jetson represented the 2062 family, 100 years into Takamoto’s future, when he created the show in 1962.

In Retrospect: George Jetson’s Legacy

George Jetson is more than just a fictional character. He represents our hopes, dreams, and fears about the future. Through George, the creators of “The Jetsons” communicated societal values, questioned the potential future technologies, and painted a picture of a tomorrow that still captures imaginations today.

What Was Life Like When George Was Born?

In 2022, when George Jetson was born, the world looked much like it does today but with some technological advances like:

  • Hybrid/Electric Cars: Becoming more popular, but flying cars were still science fiction.
  • Smart Home Devices: Homes had early intelligent assistants like Alexa and Google Home.
  • Video Calls: Video chat services like Zoom and FaceTime were commonly used.
  • Space Tourism: Commercial suborbital space flights had just started for wealthy passengers.
  • Lab-Grown Meat: Experimental but has yet to be widely available or affordable.
  • AI Assistants: AI was emerging in virtual assistants, self-driving cars, etc.
  • Renewable Energy: Solar, wind, and electric cars were mainstreaming but still in their infancy.
  • Internet of Things: More appliances and devices were connected to the Internet.

So while some of the tech that George would use in 2062 was emerging, the world still ran much as it did in 2022 when he was born. However, his childhood likely saw rapid tech advances begin to materialize.

How Old Would George Jetson Be Today?

If George Jetson were born on July 31, 2022, that would make him just 1 year old today in 2023!

So while he was portrayed as a typical middle-aged father in the 1960s animated show, the character would only be celebrating his first birthday if he aged consistently from his fictional 2022 birthdate. Some key facts about George Jetson’s age:

  • Current Age: 1 (as of 2023)
  • Age in The Jetsons show: Early 30s
  • Year The Jetsons Show Was Set: 2062
  • Alleged Year of Birth: July 31, 2022

So in his timeline, Jetson would be 40 years old today. But following his fictional biography, George is just a baby by 2023 standards!

5 Surprising Facts

  • George Wasn’t Originally a Middle-Aged Man: In early concept sketches, George was imagined as a much younger man. It was later decided to age him to make him more relatable to adult viewers.
  • His Full Name is Longer: Many don’t know this, but George’s full name is George J. Jetson.
  • Rosey the Robot Was His First Love: This may come as a surprise, but in one episode, it was hinted that George had a crush on Rosey the Robot before meeting his wife, Jane.
  • George Almost Had a Twin: In the initial drafts of the show, George was supposed to have a twin brother, but the idea was scrapped in the final version.
  • His Iconic Laugh: George’s memorable laugh was inspired by the show’s voice actor, George O’Hanlon, who played Jetson.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

“The Jetsons” originally aired for one season in 1962-1963. However, new episodes were produced in the 1980s, bringing the total to three seasons.

Yes, George and Jane Jetson had two children: Judy and Elroy.

They lived in the Skypad Apartments in Orbit City.

The show depicted a world where smog and pollution were things of the past, emphasizing a cleaner future.

George worked a typical 9-hour week, depicted as a full-time job in his futuristic society.


George Jetson has long stood as one of pop culture’s most endearing icons of the future. His fictional 2062 life of flying cars and holograms captured the American public’s imagination during the early Space Age era. Having George born in 2022 – just 100 years after his 1925 birth – Hanna Barbera animator Iwao Takamoto gave the character an origin story with a meaningful centennial connection.

For a cartoon family man living decades in the future, having Jetson born in the near future helps him stay perpetually youthful and relatable. Though he’d now be in his 40s, following his timeline still makes George just 1-year-old today in 2023! So even six decades later, he maintains his retro-futuristic appeal and status as a symbol of tech-fueled dreams. His 2022 birthdate ensures George will stay forever young in our hearts.

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