Dimitri James

When was Dimitri James born?

Dimitri James was born on 19 February and approximately 40+ year old. In the sparkling universe of beauty and cosmetics, few stars shine as bright as Dimitri.

James is a talented Hollywood makeup artist who created a magical world of beauty called SKINN Cosmetics. He became a TV personality, often appearing on a special stage called QVC, where he would share beauty tips and secrets.

Dimitri James

His favorite topic? Skincare! He believed in ageless beauty, which means looking lovely no matter how old you are. In this vast beauty industry, Dimitri would make cosmetics, a kind of beauty product that everyone loved. He always reminded everyone, “Taking care of your skin is the first step to shine!” And that’s how he became a star in the world of beauty.

Quick Facts About Dimitri James

Name:Dimitri James
Founder Of:SKINN Cosmetics
Relationship Status:Married
Real Name:Dimitri Bakakos
Nick Name:Information not publicly available
Date of Birth:19, February
Sister Name:Cohost Tina
Book Names:Becoming Beauty and Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls
Age:Approximately 40+ Year
Height:5 feet 8 inches
Net Worth:Approximately $1.5 Million
Occupation:Beauty & Cosmetics Industry, Global Star
Citizenship:United States
Pets:Ruby Cat
Social Media:https://twitter.com/dimitrijames

The Early Years

Despite his reluctance about his exact age, Dimitri Jame has never avoided discussing his modest beginnings. Hailing from a working-class background, James discovered his love for beauty and cosmetics at a young age. While details about his birthdate and early life are scant, his evident passion and dedication to his work suggest a lifelong commitment to beauty, possibly cultivated from an early age.

Stepping into the Beauty World

The journey of Dimitri Jame through the glitzy, glamorous world of beauty and cosmetics is awe-inspiring. Over the years, he has carved out a reputation as an accomplished makeup artist and cosmetic entrepreneur. This section delves into how he stepped into this industry, his initial struggles, and his eventual ascent to fame.

Skinn Cosmetics

Dimitri James started SKINN Cosmetics in 2002 and made many makeup products. In the timeline of James’s life, the birth of his brand ‘Skinn Cosmetics‘ marked a significant milestone. His initiative was not just about creating another beauty line, but it was about redefining beauty standards and offering consumers skin-friendly and cruelty-free products.

Shaping the Future of Cosmetics

Following the establishment of Skinn Cosmetics, Dimitri Jame began to reshape the beauty industry’s landscape. The brand’s philosophy, “Genuine Beauty Begins with Skin,” resonated deeply with consumers, leading to a surge in popularity. He ensured the utilization of only the finest and purest ingredients, avoiding unnecessary fillers often found in conventional beauty products.

Skinn Cosmetics also pioneered selling directly to consumers, bypassing the traditional retail model. This allowed the company to offer high-quality products at affordable prices, a revolutionary concept at the time. Today, the direct-to-consumer model is widely accepted and practiced in the beauty industry, and Skinn Cosmetics is recognized as a trailblazer.

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TV Personality

Dimitri James didn’t limit himself to being a beauty entrepreneur; he also carved out a niche for himself on television. His charismatic and genuine personality made him famous in the home shopping network industry.

Over the years, he has appeared on various networks, including ShopHQ, offering beauty tips, live makeup demonstrations, and showcasing his Skinn Cosmetics products. His engaging presentation style and his deep knowledge of beauty and cosmetics make him a household name among viewers.


James and Jack Woods got married at the Parker Hotel in 2016.

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frequently Asked Questions

The exact birth date of Dimitri is 19 February but year is not confirmed. SKINN Cosmetics’ Facebook page wished Dimitri James a birthday on February 19, 2019.

While Dimitri James’s exact age isn’t public knowledge, it is speculated that he is likely in his 80s, given his over three-decade-long career in the beauty industry.

5 feet 8 inches

The net worth of Dimitri James is $1.5 Million. His primary source of wealth is his beauty and cosmetics brand, Skinn Cosmetics.

Yes, Skinn Cosmetics, under the guidance of Dimitri James, maintains a strict policy against animal testing. All of their products are cruelty-free.


Although Dimitri James keeps his age and birth-date private, his public persona reflects a man of depth, charisma, and unwavering dedication. His commitment to revolutionizing the beauty industry, the success of Skinn Cosmetics, and his charismatic television appearances collectively build an extraordinary legacy.

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