When Was cynthia lord Born

When Was Cynthia Lord Born?

Cynthia Lord was born on February 13, 1959, and she is one of the most influential and celebrated children’s authors of her time. Her books resonate with readers of all ages, bridging gaps and connecting hearts. The impact she has made in the realm of children’s literature is both profound and enduring. In accordance with When Was Born, we will explore the life of Cynthia Lord, exploring her background, her works, her accolades, and answering some common questions about her life.

Cynthia Lord

Quick Fact About Cynthia Lord

Full Name:Cynthia Lord
Relationship Status:Married
Nick Name:Cindy
Date of Birth:February 13, 1959
Net Worth:$3M
Occupation:Children’s Author

Early Life and Education

Cynthia Lord grew up with a love for reading and writing. She was born in Massachusetts and attended college to study Elementary Education and Rehabilitation Services. Her upbringing and education fueled her passion for literature, inspiring her to create stories that could positively influence young minds.

Personal Life and Influences

Cynthia Lord’s life is not confined to her books’ pages. She is married and has two children. Her personal experiences, including her background in education and her family life, have played a crucial role in shaping her writing style and themes. She also advocates for individuals with disabilities, often including diverse characters in her novels.

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Books by Cynthia Lord

Numerous contributions to children’s literature have marked Cynthia Lord’s literary journey. Her debut novel, “Rules,” won the Newbery Honor and the Schneider Family Book Award. Some other notable works include:

  1. “Half a Chance” – A poignant story about family, friendship, and discovery.
  2. “A Handful of Stars” – This book explores themes of friendship and self-acceptance.
  3. “Because of the Rabbit” – A heartwarming tale about kindness and connection.
  4. “Touch Blue” – This novel looks at family bonds and what it means to belong.

Her books are known for their sensitivity, depth, and ability to resonate with readers of various age groups.

Achievements and Recognitions

Cynthia Lord’s literary achievements are extensive. Apart from the Newbery Honor and the Schneider Family Book Award, she has received numerous recognitions for her outstanding contributions to children’s literature. Her unique and captivating writing style makes her one of the most sought-after authors in her field.

“Rules” was her debut novel, published in 2006.

She has been involved in various charitable organizations, focusing on children’s education and disability advocacy.

Her life experiences, family, and background in education greatly inspire her writing.

You can follow her on social media or visit her official website for contact details.

She mainly writes for middle-grade readers, but all ages can enjoy her works.


Cynthia Lord’s life is a testament to the power of words and the positive impact that literature can have on young minds. From her early life and education to her illustrious career as a children’s author, Lord’s Story is an inspiring tale of creativity, dedication, and passion for making a difference. Her ability to craft stories that resonate with readers of all ages makes her an icon in children’s literature, and her legacy continues to grow with each new book. Her birth on February 13, 1959, was not just the beginning of an extraordinary life but a gift to the world of children’s literature. Her stories continue to enlighten, entertain, and educate, fulfilling her mission to connect and inspire through the written word.

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