When Was Lady Jade Born

When Was Lady Jade Born?

Lady Jade is a hip-hop artist and television personality who rose to fame in the early 2000s. She was born on July 9, 1975 in Spanish Harlem, New York City, to a Puerto Rican mother and an African American father. Growing up immersed in the emerging hip-hop culture of New York City in the 1970s and 80s greatly influenced Lady Jade’s musical style. Now 47 years old, Lady Jade has established herself as a hip-hop icon who adeptly combines Latin music influences from her heritage with hip-hop and R&B vibes in her music.

Lady Jade
Name:Lady Jade
Relationship Status:Single
Nick Name:Lady J
Date of Birth:July 9, 1975
Net Worth:$5 million

Lady Jade’s Early Life and Career

Lady Jade was born Jessenia Vice in the New York City neighborhood of Spanish Harlem on July 9, 1975. Her parents were a Puerto Rican mother and an African American father. This diverse cultural upbringing provided the foundation for Lady Jade’s musical style that blended Latin, hip-hop, and R&B genres.

She was born right around the time when hip hop emerged from the Bronx in the mid-1970s. The early pioneers of hip hop, like Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, and more, made names for themselves during Lady Jade’s childhood. Being surrounded by the rise of hip-hop culture as a child in New York City inspired her future music career.

How Lady Jade’s Birth Year Impacted Her Career

Since Lady Jade was born in 1975, she came of age alongside the emergence of hip hop:

  • 1970s – Hip hop originated in NYC, including pioneers like Grandmaster Flash. Disco music peaked.
  • In the early 1980s – Pioneers like Kurtis Blow continued expanding hip hop’s reach. Breakdancing and graffiti art thrived.
  • The late 1980s – Hip hop gained more mainstream appeal and exposure. Latin freestyle also emerged as a club music scene.
  • 1990s – Lady Jade launched her music career, blending Latin music with hip-hop and R&B styles. Female rappers became more prominent.
  • In the early 2000s – Lady Jade rose to fame, releasing major label albums and appearing on reality TV.

Born in 1975 enabled Lady Jade to be part of hip hop’s early development. Hip-hop might not have influenced her as heavily if she had been born earlier. Her birth year was crucial in shaping her hybrid musical identity.

FAQs About Lady Jade’s Birth

Her mother was Puerto Rican, and her father was African American.

Lady Jade is considered part of Generation X and others born from 1965-1980.

Growing up when hip-hop emerged in NYC inspired her future music career by combining hip-hop with Latin influences.

Her birth name is Jessenia Vice, given by her parents.

Born on July 9, Lady Jade’s zodiac sign is Cancer.


In summary, prominent hip-hop artist Lady Jade was born Jessenia Vice in New York City on July 9, 1975. According to When Was Born, being raised by a Puerto Rican mother and African American father provided a diverse cultural upbringing. Growing up when hip hop emerged in the 1970s and 80s motivated her musical path. Now 47 years old, Lady Jade has become a hip-hop icon known for her signature fusion of Latin, hip-hop and R&B sounds. Her birth year and childhood immersion in NYC’s hip-hop scene set the stage for her successful decades-long career.

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