Marty Bass

When Was Marty Bass Born?

Marty Bass was born on October 26, 1948, a date that marks the beginning of the life of a personality who has become a staple in television. Known for his exuberant on-screen presence and dedicated work.

Marty’s story transcends his birthdate to include a career filled with achievements, exciting facts, and anecdotes. In this blog, we’ll look in-depth at Marty Bass’s life, covering various aspects contributing to his fame and success.

Marty Bass

Quick Facts About Marty Bass

Name:Marty Bass
Relationship Status:Married
Nick Name:Marty
Date of Birth:October 26, 1948
Age:67 years
Net Worth:$1 million
Occupation:Broadcasting & Journalism

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Very little is publicly known about Marty family and upbringing. Based on some small tidbits Marty has shared over the years, it appears he was raised in Baltimore and dreamed of becoming a meteorologist from a young age. As a child, he was fascinated by the weather and would track storms and snowfall totals.

Marty has mentioned being inspired by local Baltimore weather legends like Bob Turk. His passion for weather led him to study meteorology in college, though his alma mater has yet to be discovered. Based on his apparent age range, he likely attended college sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s. After college, Marty honed his skills working for the National Weather Service. This experience in forecasting and studying weather systems gave him a solid foundation to transition into broadcasting. By the late 1970s, Marty was ready to storm the Baltimore weather scene (pun intended!).

Distiguished Career at WJZ (1978-2008)

Marty began his storied television career at CBS affiliate WJZ in Baltimore in September 1978. For Baltimore viewers, his warm yet authoritative voice quickly became synonymous with the weather in the city. In his early years at WJZ, Marty covered major snowstorms, tropical systems, and every inclement weather imaginable.

His predictions were known for being incredibly accurate, especially during significant weather events. He carefully analyzed models, pressure systems, and radar to make the best forecasts. As technology advanced, Marty incorporated new graphics, radar systems, and forecasting models into his segments. He could communicate complex meteorological concepts in layperson’s terms everyone could understand. His lighthearted on-air personality also connected with viewers.

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Later Career and Retirement (2008-Present)

After 30 illustrious years at WJZ, Marty Bass stepped down from his chief meteorologist role in 2008. However, he did not leave broadcasting entirely and went on to do weather reports for other local stations over the next decade.

Marty began doing weekly weather spots for WMAR in 2009, which allowed him to still connect with his loyal viewers. He joined Fox 45 in 2016 to do weekend weather segments before retiring around 2018.
Now in his 70s, Marty Bass enjoys a quieter life outside of broadcasting. However, he remains a beloved figure in Baltimore whose impact on the community will be felt for years. His accurate forecasts and friendly personality endeared him to generations of area residents.

frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately Marty Bass’s exact birth place is not known publicly, but it is believed he was born and raised in the Baltimore area.

The college Marty Bass attended is not confirmed, but he likely studied meteorology at a local university in Baltimore or the broader mid-Atlantic region in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Marty Bass had an illustrious on-air career in Baltimore spanning 30 years. He was the chief meteorologist at WJZ from 1978 through 2008.

Yes, Marty Bass retired from full-time meteorology work around 2018 after serving as a weekend weather forecaster for Fox 45. He is believed to be fully retired now in his 70s.

Marty Bass was known for his warm personality, expertise in forecasting, and ability to communicate weather concepts in understandable ways during his decades on Baltimore TV.


Marty Bass, born October 26, 1948 in Baltimore, was a beloved meteorologist for over 30 years. He was known for accurate forecasts and connecting with viewers through his friendly and charming on-air style. Despite his family’s details, his legacy is evident through the generations of Baltimore residents who welcomed him into their homes. Bass’s meteorological expertise and genial hosting abilities made him a local icon, showcasing the power of combining meteorological expertise with genial hosting abilities.

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