When was lil Mabu Born

When Was Lil Mabu Born?

Lil Mabu, whose real name is Matthew Peter DeLuca, was born on April 4, 2005, in Hopedale, Massachusetts. At 18 years old, Lil Mabu has already made a name for himself as one of TikTok’s biggest young stars.

With over 17 million followers on TikTok, Lil Mabu’s funny videos and infectious positivity have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. He has rapidly risen to online fame by the age of 18

When was lil Mabu Born

His enormous following and love from fans across the globe is mainly attributed to his funny videos and his inherent positivity. Humour and a positive approach resonate well with audiences, especially in the digital age.

Quick Facts About lil Mabu

Full NameMatthew Peter DeLuca
Relationship StatusSingle
Nick NameLil Mabu
Date of BirthApril 4, 2005
Birth PlaceHopedale, Massachusetts
Age18 years old
Zodiac SignAries
Height5 Feet 7 Inches
SalaryEstimated $200,000 per year
Net WorthEstimated $3 million
OccupationSocial media star, entertainer, Influencer


Lil Mabu was born in Hopedale, Massachusetts, to parents Peter and Melissa DeLuca. From a young age, Mabu loved making people laugh. As early as elementary school, he would entertain his classmates by dancing and telling jokes.

In 2019, when Mabu was 14, he downloaded TikTok and began posting comedy sketches and dance videos. Mabu quickly realized he had a knack for creating viral content. His first TikTok video, a comedy skit about forgetting to do homework, earned over 300,000 views.

Early Life and Education

Mabu grew up as an only child in the small town of Hopedale. He attended local public schools and was an honours student, excelling in classes like English and history. Outside of school, Mabu explored his creative talents. He took jazz and hip-hop dance classes, appeared in community theatre productions, and competed in talent shows.

Dancing eventually became one of Mabu’s biggest passions. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Mabu was in 8th grade. With school closed, he turned to TikTok as an outlet for creativity and connection. The app quickly consumed much of his free time as he worked to build his audience.

Lil Mabu’s Family

Lil Mabu has a very close relationship with his parents, Peter and Melissa, and credits their support in helping him achieve viral success. In interviews, Mabu states his parents were initially hesitant about TikTok but quickly came around when they saw his talent and passion. Both of Mabu’s parents maintain active, supportive presences on social media. Mabu’s dad Peter has his own TikTok account with 190K followers.

Fans adore his cameo appearances in Mabu’s videos. When he isn’t creating content, Mabu enjoys playing basketball, video games, hanging out with friends, and playing with his two dogs, Roxie and Millie. Mabu has used his platform to speak out against bullying and spread the message of positivity and kindness. He often tells fans, “Remember to smile today!”

Career and Achievements on TikTok

Mabu’s career on TikTok took off in late 2020. His comedy sketches, reaction videos, and positive energy resonated with young viewers. Mabu also frequently collaborated with other top TikTok creators like Payton Moormeier, Madi Monroe, and Chase Hudson. These collaborations introduced Mabu to wider audiences.

By early 2021, Mabu had amassed over 5 million TikTok followers. His empire continued to grow exponentially throughout 2021 and 2022.

  • “POV: You’re My Best Friend” (27 million views)
  • “When Someone Says They Don’t Like Dogs” (24 million views)
  • “Me as a Girlfriend” (19 million views)
  • “Relatable Moments” with Madi Monroe (18 million views)

In January 2022, Mabu won Breakout Creator at the 9th Annual Shorty Awards, recognising top social media influencers and content creators. This cemented his status as one of TikTok’s biggest young stars.

Ventures Beyond TikTok

Capitalizing on his TikTok fame, Mabu has expanded his brand across multiple social media platforms and entertainment mediums.

Social Media Presence

  • Instagram – 4.5 million followers
  • YouTube – 1.8 million subscribers
  • Twitter – 117K followers

On these platforms, Mabu posts a mix of comedic videos, vlogs, transitions, and lifestyle content.

Music: In 2021, Mabu began releasing original music on Spotify and Apple Music. His songs showcase his talents as both a rapper and singer. To date, Mabu has released 5 singles including “Shotta Flow,” “Location,” and “Rock and Roll.”

Acting: Mabu guest starred in an episode of the YouTube series Reality House in 2021. He continues to pursue TV and film projects, leveraging his quick improv skills and comedy chops.

Touring: In summer 2022, Mabu headlined his own multi-city tour called “The Lalapalooza Tour.” He performed original music and met thousands of fans at venues across the U.S. Many shows sold out within minutes.

Merchandise: Mabu sells apparel and accessories like hoodies, t-shirts, and phone cases through his official website. The merch features Mabu’s logo and signature phrases.

Reasons for Lil Mabu’s Popularity

Several key factors explain Lil mabu’s meteoric rise to fame:

  • Relatability – Mabu’s videos often depict funny, embarrassing, and cringe-worthy situations that everyday teens can relate to. This creates a sense of community with his followers.
  • Positivity – Each video contains Mabu’s infectious smile, hilarious jokes, and feel-good energy. He avoids drama or negativity.
  • Interacting with fans – Mabu frequently goes Live, replies to comments, and makes reaction videos incorporating fan content. This cultivates loyalty.
  • Collabs – By collaborating with TikTok’s top stars, Mabu expanded his audience and drew new fans.
  • Multi-platform presence – Mabu leveraged his TikTok fame to grow massive followings on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, allowing him to cross-promote content.
  • Music releases – Mabu’s music provides fans a new way to engage with him and his brand.
  • Touring – The Lalapalooza Tour allowed Mabu to meet fans IRL, further cementing their dedication.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Ivan was born and raised in Riverside, California. He is of Mexican descent and spent his childhood in Riverside before moving to Los Angeles.

While Lil Mabu’s exact net worth is unknown, it is estimated he has earned at least $3 million from TikTok brand deals, merchandise sales, music releases, and touring. His income continues to grow rapidly as his fame increases.

No, Lil Mabu is not Married.

He is 18 years old now.

The height of lily is 5 feet 7 inches


Despite his young age, Lil Mabu has already solidified himself as a top entertainer and influencer. His comedy sketches and high-energy positivity continue captivating millions of Gen Z fans across TikTok.

His empire will likely continue growing as Mabu branches out into music, acting, touring, and other mediums. His authenticity, easy-going charisma, and close relationship with fans have fueled his success.

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