When was Ivan Cornejo born

When Was Ivan Cornejo Born?

Ivan Cornejo was Born in November 1, 2004. Ivan Cornejo is a young American social media star and TikTok sensation who has garnered immense fame and popularity at a very young age. He is best known for the fun and entertaining videos he posts on his TikTok account,

where he has amassed over 4 million dedicated followers. Despite his youth, Ivan’s profiling career and influential presence on social media have made him a celebrity figure among teenagers and young adults worldwide.

When Was Ivan Cornejo Born

Quick Facts About Ivan Cornejo

Full Name: Ivan Cornejo
Relationship Status:Single
Nick Name:Ivey
Date of Birth:November 1, 2004
Birth Place:California, United States
Age:18 Years old
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Height:5 feet 7 inches
Net Worth:$700,000
Occupation:Social Media, Influencer, TikTok Star


Born in 2004 in Riverside, California, Ivan Cornejo has always been drawn to performing and entertaining. He started making funny videos and uploading them on YouTube during his pre-teen years. However, it wasn’t until 2016 that he found the perfect platform to showcase his talents on TikTok. At just 12 years old, he created his TikTok account @ivey and began posting lip-sync and dance videos.

His infectious energy and confidence quickly gained a following, and his TikTok were featured on the coveted ‘For You’ page. Today, Ivan is one of the most popular TikTok stars and influencers, with over 4 million followers and growing. His creativity and consistent content have earned him the love and support of millions of fans worldwide.

Early Life

Ivan Cornejo, born in 2004, was born in Riverside, California, and grew up in his hometown. He had a lively, outgoing personality and enjoyed performing in front of others. He participated in school plays, danced in talent shows, and created funny videos.

His extroverted nature and passion for entertaining led him to start his social media career in his pre-teen years. During his school years, Ivan made funny videos with friends. He uploaded them on YouTube, honing his on-camera skills and developing his charismatic personality, later making him famous on TikTok.


Born in Riverside, California, Ivan Cornejo has a younger brother named Isaiah, who occasionally appears in Ivan’s TikTok and Instagram videos. He is single and focuses on his social media career. He lives in Los Angeles to be closer to talent agencies and brand deal opportunities.

Ivan enjoys swimming, basketball, video games, and spending time with friends. He aims to stay grounded and close to his roots, emphasizing the importance of family in keeping him humble. Despite his celebrity status, fans appreciate his down-to-earth, friendly, and happy-go-lucky nature.


A TikTok star, Ivan Cornejo attended homeschooled for his high school education in Riverside, California. This allowed him to focus on his social media career and develop his influencer and online content creator skills. The flexible schedule allowed him to create video concepts, film, edit, promote his content, and travel frequently to Los Angeles for collaborative projects. Although details about his early education are scarce, his comedic performances and popularity among classmates have made him a popular figure on social media.

Career & Achievements

A young YouTube influencer, Ivan Cornejo, gained fame with his high-energy lip-syncs and dance videos. He joined TikTok at 12 years old and quickly expanded his following to include vlogs, comedy skits, challenge videos, and collaborations. With over 4 million followers, Ivan is among the elite creators on the platform.

In addition to TikTok, Ivan has over 270k followers on Instagram and an 85k-subscription YouTube channel. His charismatic voice has made him an influential voice among Gen Z, and his unique style of energetic and light-hearted videos has built his brand on social media. With a bright future as an influencer, entertainer, and online content creator, Ivan Cornejo is poised to continue his success in the future.

Awards and Recognition

Despite his young age, Ivan Cornejo has been recognized through various awards and honours for his influential presence and contributions on social media:

  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2022: Ivan was named by Forbes as one of the most promising young entrepreneurs and inventors. The coveted Forbes Under 30 list highlights rising stars under 30 making an impact in their industries.
  • Shorty Awards: Ivan won a Shorty Award in 2021 in the TikTokker category, honouring the best content creators on the TikTok app.
  • Young Entertainer Awards: Ivan received the Young Entertainer Award in 2019 for the ‘Best Internet Personality’ category. The awards honour child and teen entertainers across acting, singing, and social media genres.
  • Teen Choice Awards: Ivan has received two Teen Choice Award nominations for Choice Male Web Star in 2019 and 2020. The fan-voted Teen Choice Awards celebrate teen icons in music, film, sports and digital media.

Reason of Popularity

Ivan Cornejo’s rise to fame on social media can be attributed to his charismatic personality, relatability, trendiness, positivity, cross-platform presence, collaborations, and consistent content. His energetic, goofy, and expressive character makes his videos entertaining and charming. He documents his life through a playful, unfiltered lens, showcasing the life of an average teen. Ivan’s keen eye for the latest trends and dances in Generation Z creates content that resonates with his audience.

His content focuses on the positive and family-friendly, bringing smiles to viewers’ faces. Ivan’s active presence on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter allows him to reach new audiences and keep his content fresh. He regularly collaborates with other digital influencers and teen stars, creating buzz-worthy content. Ivan’s dedication to his range and his commitment to his followers make him popular on social media.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Ivan was born and raised in Riverside, California. He is of Mexican descent and spent his childhood in Riverside before moving to Los Angeles.

Ivan’s full name at birth is Ivan Jesus Cornejo. He now simply goes by his first and middle name Ivan Cornejo for his social media handle and influencer career.

Yes, Ivan Cornejo is not Married.

He is 18 years old now.

The height of Ivan Corn is 5 feet 7 inches


In conclusion, Ivan Cornejo has proven to be a highly talented, charismatic, and successful social media star and influencer. Despite his young age, Ivan has profoundly impacted the digital space and built an image as an entertainer, trendsetter and voice for Generation Z.

Ivan Cornejo continues winning millions of hearts online with his unique style of infectiously upbeat and engaging videos. Given his early fame and influence, Ivan seems poised for even bigger stardom and success as he continues nurturing his digital content creation skills and expanding his brand. The future certainly looks bright for this rising Gen Z influencer.

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